Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

Here are the 6 requirements for being able to apply for a private student loan without a cosigner. Before a student can consider getting any loans to support their education, it is important for them to understand the different types of loans that are available for them.  The first type of loans that are available are private student loans which depend a great deal upon ones credit, while the second type of student loans are the federal student loans which are not credit based but instead are need based. If you are looking for a student loan without a cosigner than you have a large challenge in front of you but this article will help show you how to fund your education.   

Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

The Difference Between Private Student Loans And Federal Student Loans


  • Private student loans are, in large part, based off of an individual’s credit history and current financial income.  Lenders who provide private student loans assess the student’s ability to pay back the loan based on how well they have handled finances in their past.


  • Federal student loans are also concerned with the amount of money a person has access to but for a different reason.  Instead of assessing whether or not a person will be able to pay back the student loans, federal student loans assess whether the person has money of their own to finance their education.  If the person does not have money to pay for college, without assessing their ability to attain private loans i.e. their credit history, they will likely qualify for federal student loans.

What Are The Requirements For Receiving Private Student Loans Without A Cosigner?


1)    These loans are based on credit and income, so in order to qualify a person must have a good credit standing and be making a certain amount of money (an amount the lender determines).

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2)  Must be applied for at private lenders, not loans that are offered by the Federal government.

3)  Must agree to the interest rates, some lenders will provide rates higher than others so shop around for the most competitive rates.

4)  The repayment benefits are somewhat limited in comparison to loans offered by the federal government, so you must agree to the specialized terms.

5)   They only provide loans up to the cost of attendance in most cases, so you should find ways to cover your other expenses during college as well.

6)  These loans must be directly applied for, every individual lender provides its own application form, procedure, and specific requirements.

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Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

Agreeing to the terms of a private student loan is a big deal, these are loans and you will have to pay them back.  So, it is important to be as frugal as you possibly can while living off of these student loans, and it is also a good idea to only agree to the amount of money that you actually need.

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